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Firstly welcome to Juicy Landscapes!

I am lucky to live in the beautiful county of Cornwall although i venture all over the south west of England.  My interest in photography started over 5 years ago, the reason?  I used to create a lot of digitally manipulated art and had to buy stock photographs which were anything but cheap.  One day i decided that i would buy a camera and save myself some money.  What i never imagined was that photography is rather difficult for the novice with his new shiny camera and all those buttons that seem to mess every photograph up.   To say that it was a steep learning curve would be an understatement and almost instantly i gained a huge respect for the photographers i admired the most.  After a while it started to all come together and i realised that i was spending more and more time taking photographs just for use as they were and not for manipulating into digital art.  As time has gone on i have found myself producing less and less digital art and these days might produce no more than one per year.  Currently studying for a degree in Molecular Chemistry, the photography has taken a bit of a back seat but from time to time when the weathers right i treat myself to a night off to capture the outstanding beauty of Cornwall.

I am also the owner of Simon Bew Photography and co-owner of Porthleven Photography.



Learning the science of light and time has seen me take risks, get cut off, get wet feet, having to climb cliffs, break 2 fingers, damage 2 cars and lose kit. It was hard, it was frustrating, it was incredibly dangerous at times, but it was, and still is, always entertaining!

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